Hunting Notes:
• Advance reservations are preferred.
• 50% deposit required at time hunt is booked.
• Deposit is not refundable but may be transferred to a new date or upgraded hunt.
• Final payment due at the time of the hunt.
• Any wounded animals must be taken.
• Hunt costs subject to change without notice.



The Cost of Hunts at Trophy Ridge Hunting Preserve

The cost of the hunt depends on what our clients want. Hunts are typically guided with your choice of bow, rifle or hand gun. This particularly helps new and younger hunters to safely ensure proper hunting techniques. Guides are very familiar with the terrain as well. No license is required.

Fallow Does: $375 each Sept. 1 - Oct. 31 (Regularly $500 each)
(Season: September 1 - April 14) Fallow does are between 90 and 130 pounds and around 32 inches at the shoulder. Fallow deer easily scared away they can often be seen during a quiet forest walk. If spooked, fallow deer will often only run into the immediate cover and watch from there, rather than disappearing completely. Mid October is an excellent time to hunt fallow deer, when the bucks can be heard making a deep, throaty bark. Caution should be exercised if viewing near a rutting ground as the animals are highly charged at this time of year.

Trophy Fallow Bucks - $450 to $1500 each
(Season: September 1 - April 14) Fallow bucks, 3 to 6 years old, are larger and heavier in size than does, weighing from 185 to 240 pounds and around 40 inches at the shoulder. The bucks have larger, more muscular necks than the females. Bucks carry antlers, which the does do not. The antlers grow new each year. They are lost or cast in March or April, and a new set begins to grow. The antlers reach there full size by about August and are ready to use in the mating season about a month later. The final cost depends on the number of antler points.



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