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Your hosts, Joe, Ed and Marty Warren at Trophy Ridge Hunting Preserve.

About Trophy Ridge Hunting Preserve

Fallow Deer at Trophy Ridge Hunting Preserve

Few hunters can say they've had the opportunity to track down Fallow Deer. It's available in Central New York State in New Berlin, New York.

In July 2007, brothers Joe and Marty Warren achieved a lifelong dream. They opened Trophy Ridge Hunting Preserve. The brothers were able to make their dream a reality when their parents decided to get out of the farming business in 2006. They had a chance to utilize the land and with the help of their parents, Joe and Marty were able to convert seventy acres of land into a hunting preserve.

For over a year, the Warren brothers worked to get the preserve ready. With the help of their dad, Ed, family and friends, they walked the land several times, pushing all of the native deer off of the land. They erected a fence and after getting approval from the state, they began introducing Russian boars and Fallow deer to the environment. Russian boar hunting has been discontinued to abide by new New York State laws.

Trophy Ridge Hunting Preserve is open all year. All hunts are guided. Prices vary depending on what a hunter is looking to hunt. No hunting license is required. Fallow deer hunts take place from September 1 through April 15. A pheasant hunt is also available in September. The Warren brothers plan on adding more animals to the mix in the future.

For more information about the preserve call Joe Warren at 607.429.9054. Trophy Ridge Hunting Preserve is located at 208 Warren Road in New Berlin, New York. The Warrens encourage anyone interested in the preserve to stop by, take a look and see what they have to offer.

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